Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Thoughts on violence

At the weekend my eldest son was attacked and now has a broken eye socket and broken jaw.  He can barely see or talk and can't eat.  He can't work and has no income because he's self employed.  He's back at the hospital again in a couple of days whilst they decide if his injuries need to be operated on.  He's probably lucky there were others there to stop it going any further - his friend tried to stop it and ended up with his finger being bitten down to the bone.

Just thinking about it makes me so angry and I keep wanting to hurt the person who did this as much as he's hurt my son.  Thoughts like that disturb me.  Does this make me exactly the same as him?  Am I really saying 'violence is okay if the other person deserves it'?  Or 'it's okay to use violence against someone who's violent themselves'? But I guess having those feelings and actually carrying them out are two different things.  I hate violence, don't know how anyone could enjoy beating up someone else and not really caring whether they kill that person or not.  And how must it feel to bite through someones finger?!  It makes me feel so sick.  I hate that we have to live amongst people like this who just don't care about the lives of anyone else.

The same thing will have happened up and down the country to lots of other mothers sons (and daughters) last weekend and many will have fared much worse than my son.

Why?  Well it's nothing new I suppose. There have always been people like this and there always will be.  But I'd like to know what makes some people so uncaring of other human or animal life.

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