Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Projects update

This is where I want to be, all snuggled up and fast asleep.

Alas, it's 2.30am and sleep alludes me.  The dog is having a kip on my bed instead.

So I thought I'd have a cup of tea and do an update on my projects.  I've finished all my dishcloths and washcloths.  The dishcloths in particular are fabulous.  They seem to have a scrubbing action that you don't get with the ones you buy (not the cheap ones, anyway).  I did 5, which seemed the right amount.  Now to see how long they last.

I've knitted one sock and started on the second.  I just made ankle socks because I prefer them (and it saves on yarn!).  The yarn comes with a 10 year guarantee and I've been very good at cutting my toenails lately.

I've hemmed a few wee cloths (but if I keep on drinking all this tea I'm gonna be needing an awful lot more!).  I was wondering if I had any other material in the house to use for the cloths,instead of buying it. and then I thought about my kitchen towels.  A while back I replaced the handtowels I use in the bathroom and relegated the old ones to the kitchen for hand drying.  I had the idea that these would be more useful if I cut them in half to make smaller ones.  Then I'd have more than I needed and the excess could be cut up for the wee cloths and face cleaning cloths.  So I've spend a little time this week cutting and hemming them.  A good reminder of my new 'frugal mantra' - "always have a good think about what you aleady have in the house before you go out and buy something new".

One good idea leads to another and I thought "I could do the same with my hand towels in the bathroom, put half of them away, and they'd last me longer"!  Much easier to wash too. A future project.

This is one of a pair of legwarmers I've knit.

I haven't yet got round to sewing the buttons on the other one but no hurry as legwarmers aren't exactly summer clothing!  In the winter I love to wear long jumpers or short sweater dresses with warm thick tights - they're so comfy.  So I knit the legwarmers as an extra layer to keep my legs even toastier.  They're done in an acrylic yarn as I had some to use up but would have been warmer in a wool mix.

So, currently I'm prioritising knitting the socks and hemming the cloths.  Small steps I suppose.

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