Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fun With Carrier Bags

I had a lot of fun yesterday playing around with making yarn from carrier bags and knitting and crocheting with it.  Most people use the yarn to make shopping bags, but I have enough of those for the time being so I'm trying to think of other uses for it.  First I thought of pan scrubbers, but that didn't work too well.  Coasters?  I have plenty at the minute.  I use this furry knitted one all the time as it soaks up any tea I might spill and it doubles up as a duster  - if the coffee table or the laptop are looking a bit dusty I just give them a swipe with the coaster!

 I could do with some little household baskets for putting bits and bobs in, so that might work.  Also maybe small bags to hang on the wall for storage?  A belt?  Jewellery?  It's so easy to make the yarn and quite addictive.  I'll try and do a tutorial later when someone's here to take photos.

I also had a walk to Morrisons in the afternoon.  I'm lucky in that I have both Morrisons and Sainsburys within walking distance (20mins and 40 mins).  Also Lidls, but the walk is not so nice.  Morrisons is via a path which used to be a railway, across a small field and then through a beautiful park that used to be the garden to a big Georgian House. 

Through this archway there's an orchard on the left.  It's open during the summer and you can go in and pick blackcurrants, raspberries and herbs.  There are also strawberries and apple and pear trees but they don't do so well.  When the raspberries are in season I can't walk past, I always have to go in and eat some!

There are steps here leading through the trees down to what was once a man-made water course.

This is the view at the bottom of the path, looking towards the water course.

Standing in the same position and looking the other way.  There's still water at this side!  I head along here for Morrisons, which is the building you can just see at the top of the picture behind the trees.  The back of the old house is to the left but I didn't take a photo,  Also to the right used there are the remnants of a waterfall.

I love this park.

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