Monday, 16 May 2011


I'd just gotten myself all excited (sad person that I am) at the prospect of  knitting some creations with video tape, when I start to hear stories about stuff on the tapes that are harmful.  Cobalt and chromium mainly.  Carcinogenic apparantly. 

Well, that's my fun spoilt - I had ideas about mixing the tape with various different yarns, and all for free because no-one wants video tape any more.  Ah, well, back to the plastic bags.  I haven't even explored all the possibilities with them yet.  I'm annoyed because Iain bought round 2 turquoise plastic bags and then put rubbish in one of them! How dare he squander my craft materials!  I managed to salvage the other one though.

I've found a really cool pattern and video tutorial for a bracelet made by crocheting around ring pulls. You can find it here:

Now I need to get my son to drink 12 cans of lager (that won't be difficult!)

This is one of the patterns from the Golden Hands magazine.

The woman looks like she just threw on that dogs blanket before going out, but I love the girl's short, one colour version. I might make that in black or dark purple for myself.   Velvet ribbon would be good - it might actually be velvet in the pattern. The big bunched hood makes it look so Georgian.

Close up of the fastening:

 I'll put up some more pictures as I go through them. 

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