Saturday, 14 May 2011

Charity Shopping

Wednesdays post seems to have re-appeared so I don't know what was going on there.  Saves me doing another project update, anyway.

As I mentioned, yesterday I had a fab day going round the charity shops and the fleamarket.  This particular fleamarket is held every Friday so I don't often get the chance to go as I'm usually at work.  Iain came with me but he's never been keen on it since the time we found the second hand vibrator on one of the stalls!  He won't rummage through any boxes as he's frightened what he might put his hands on!

No vibrators today thank goodness, intead I found these gems:

A pile of Golden Hands magazines from the 1970's!  At a cost of only £1 for 3, I wish I could have bought them all. Unfortunately, I couldn't carry them.  I'm tempted to take another days annual leave next Friday though, in the hope that the rest of them will still be there.

I found a new charity shop, which wasn't strictly speaking a charity.  It was set up to give employment to adults with learning difficulties.  They work alongside the local re-cycle centre and stock the shop with items people have thrown out as well as donations. But the best thing about this shop was that they took things just a little bit further.  Textiles that weren't good enough for resale were taken apart and used to make yarn to knit bags with. You could buy the finished bags or balls of the scrap yarn to make your own. All buttons, zips and other trimmings were taken off and resold. It's great to see stuff being recycled like this.  I had a wonderful time rummaging through all the bits and pieces and I'll definately be coming here next time I need buttons, zips, curtain tape etc. 

They had some lovely textiles and vintage clothing and accessories.  I was tempted by loads of stuff, including a 1930's pink glass dressing table set with a perfume bottle and various trinket jars on a tray and a pair of pale green embriodered satin pillowcases.

I settled for a laced up top for £3- purple and velvet, what could be nicer?! I would have pictured me wearing it, but unforunately it gapes horribly across my chest!  So, until I lose some more weight I'll have to take out the laces and use it as a cardigan.

I also bought this skinny scarf at 50p - reminiscent of the art deco era, I thought.

Some pretty vinatge hankies (although I don't think they're all that old).

And I had a good rummage through some vintage knitting patterns and came out with these:

A booklet, probably from the early 1960's, which included this dress:

I think it would look lovely knit short, in a bright colour, with a wide waist belt, to wear with thick black tights or leggings.  Maybe do 3/4 length sleeves somehow?

Also a 1980's booklet.  I've pictured the top I particularly like.  I think I'd knit it with a scoop front as well as a scoop back.

In another shop I spotted some flanelette sheets for £1.50 that would have been useful for cutting up to use for the backs or insides of the pantyliners I intend to make.  I meant to go back for them at the end of the day, but misjudged the time and unfortunately they'd shut.

Nearly forgot, I bought this piece of material (it's roughly 1.8 metres square) for £1.50:

I have no idea what I'll use it for but I'm sure I'll think of something eventually.  I thought the pink feathers were so pretty.
All in all, a good days rummaging.  And I even got 6 Galaxy eggs for a pound on the market so I had plenty of piggery for the weekend!  Won't help me fit into the purple velvet top though....

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