Saturday, 14 May 2011

A Messy Hair Day

I was trying out a new hairstyle yesterday - messy!

The photos have turned out a bit blurry - they were much clearer on the camera.  Never mind.

As we were expecting showers I thought it was a waste of time straightening it so I just scrunched it up and let it dry naturally.  Then when the rain came I could just scrunch it up again!  It also has the added benefit of disguising any imperfections in my hair cutting technique, so I might try this more often!

Today I decided to get rid of the packet of sweet shortcrust pastry I bought for 20p and shoved in the freezer.  So I made these:

The filling is apple puree, one of the jars I bought cheap on the internet.  We ate a couple while they were still warm and they were very more-ish.

I also bunged a couple of weetabix cakes in the oven whilst I was cooking a chicken.

The patches on the top are sugar.  I sprinkle a teaspoon on to make the cake taste sweeter and that means I can cut down on the sugar actually inside the cake.  They aren't made with fat or eggs - just weetabix, flour, dried fruit, sugar, cinnamon and milk.  I sliced them and put some in the freezer to keep for later.

The chicken will make us 3 meals and a soup and Rusty will eat any scrappy bits.  Tonight we had the breast sliced, with mashed potato, mixed veg and gravy, then I pulled the rest of the meat off and froze it for later.  I also froze the carcass as I couldn't be bothered to make stock with it tonight.

Tomorrow I'm having a day off from cooking.  We'll be having fish fingers for tea!

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