Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Payday at last

Hurrah!  It's payday!  Downside of this is that I have to do an online shopping order today.  The online order is mainly to cover the heavy or bulky stuff such as dog food, long life milk, toilet rolls etc. but as I'm paying for delivery I usually get other shopping as well.  So now I have to check the cupboards, make a rough menu plan to cover the next 2 weeks and sort out what I need to buy.  

Money has been tight this past week so I know I've run out of a few basics. Rusty has had weetabix (or rather, the supermarkets basics version of weetabix) for his morning meal for the past 3 days as I've run out of his usual complete food.  I'm nearly out of mixer as well so yesterday he had the ends of the bread, baked in the oven (whilst I was cooking other stuff) and mixed with his wet food.

I also ran out of the lo-salt I normally buy.  No salt is not an option for me - I used to be a salt freak and have cut it down considerably for the sake of my health, but I need a little taste of it with some meals.  So, for the first time in years I bought a tub of ordinary salt and just used a tiny shake of it.  I'll add lo-salt to the order and use up the rest of the real salt for cleaning and facescrubs.

If there's one thing that being short of money does, it's focus the mind into looking for alternatives and not wasting anything.  I'm amazed when I hear how much food the average family bins each year - something like £600 worth!  Some people must be throwing away much more than that because they're throwing away my share of that as well as their own!

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