Friday, 20 May 2011

Shopping hell and radio heaven

Today I had to go to Primark.  I don't enjoy going to Primark but I promised Iain I'd help him pick some new jeans.  Primark is okay if you go at 9am.  At 1pm it was jam packed and the noise of screaming children in their pushchairs and their mothers shouting at them to shut up was overwhelming. This really bugs me.  Your children are screaming because it's boring to be sitting in a pushchair all day whilst you're induldging in your shopping hobby.  And, it must be quite scary to be a small child in a pushchair in a crowded place like that where everyone and everything is towering over you.  I also hate to see the current fad of  mothers ignoring their children while they sit texting and facebooking on their phones, but thats another story. I digress.

The only good thing about the Primark expedition was that, as a 'thank you' I got this fab ring:

The snake's head hasn't come out very clear in the photo.

Also these 2 charms for my bracelet:

I collect anything 'dragonfly', but mainly dragonfly jewellery and I've been given some lovely pieces for birthdays and Chrismas's.

Primark was followed by an argument in the market when I announced my intention of buying some dress net to make panscrubbers with.  Some very scathing comments were made so I gave up and I'll be going back later for it when I'm on my own!

I cheered up when I went past Maplins window though, and saw the solar panel kit they had in for £250.  A lot of money, but maybe worth it to generate some of my own electricity.  When I got home, I did some calculations and it wasn't good.  It would take me 19 years at todays figures to even recoup the initial outlay.  So I'd be 71 by the time I started to make a profit from it!

A bit of a mixed bag today then.  I'm off to listen to some vintage radio on the internet.  A glass of wine and Hancocks Half Hour should just about see me right.  I don't know how anyone can actually enjoy shopping!

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