Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Day Out at Tynemouth

Here are a few photos from the book fair on Sunday. It takes place 4 times a year on the metro station concourse but every weekend there is a fleamarket/crafts market and once a month a farmers market.  I used to go every couple of weeks or so, but I reckon I enjoy it more if I don’t do it so often.  That way there’s always new stuff to see.

The book fair was on the west concourse and the fleamarket squashes into the east concourse for that day.  Even less space than usual for them this week as part of the station was roped off  because of renovations.  It’s a beautiful Victorian station and I’m glad they’ve finally been able to secure the funding to renovate it.

The fleamarket/craft market.

The book fair.

First stop is always a cuppa at the tea stall – Iain will not move until he’s had his tea!  Then a quick look round the fleamarket and craft stalls before heading over the other side for the books.

I noticed the fashion at the minute seems to be for shabby chic housewares and vintage clothing and jewellery.  Have to admit I love vintage jewellery, but nothing I wanted to buy today.  A few vintage knitting and crochet patterns, but again none took my fancy.  Last time I was here everyone was going mad for cupcakes and several stalls were selling them.  None today, so I guess the cupcake craze is over!  I find it fascinating (as well as daft!) the way everyone seems to follow these ‘fads’ and then they all move on to the next one.  

I did make one purchase here – I now have a new netsuke for my ‘collection’! 

 It's very different from my other two - it's made of wood -  but I've seen some lovely wood animal, bird and reptile netsuke so maybe I'll start two collections!

The book fair turned out to be not so good – sometimes there are lots of books that take my fancy and other times nothing.  I always visit the stall that raises funds for the rabbit sanctuary (info here: and I at least make a donation.  This time they had a pile of knitting magazines so I bought three for 60p each.

The other two purchases I made were an Art Nouveau cross stitch book for £1 and a biography of Vera Brittain for 25p.  The cross stitch motifs might be useful for making gifts.

When we’d finished we went into town intending to walk up to the castle and along the coast for a while as there are some beautiful views.

But after we'd stopped for another cuppa it was getting late so we left it for another day. 

Georgian houses along the main street.

Art Deco flats - taken from the back of the metro station.  I think this was probably a 1930's factory.
Close-up of the gargoyles on the old church.  I love gargoyles.

Changing trains at South Gosforth.

Long journey home on the metro and bus - almost 2 hours!

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