Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Charity shopping

I love browsing around charity shops - you never know what you might find.  Some days there's nothing of interest and other days you might unearth a little gem.  Today I had a walk up to the animal rescue charity shop during my lunch break at work in the hope of finding some buttons for a purse I'm making.  It's one of those places where everything is a jumble and you need to have a good rake around.

I found these lovely silver coloured buttons with pearl coloured centres, for 30p

 I only needed 2 so I'll have to find a use for the other 3

There were loads of old knitting patterns but mainly from the 1980's.  Also, a basket of machine knitting yarn oddments on cones.  I bought this purple (my favourite colour) cone for 40p

I've spent the evening winding some of it into a ball while I was watching telly.  I've wound off about 50grams and I've still got loads left.  The thinness of the yarn means it'll go a long way.  I have a pattern for crochet fingerless gloves that'll be just right for this and maybe a skinny scarf too.

I also bought these needlecraft magazines for £1.

I haven't had a chance to look through them properly yet so I may take them to bed for a bit read.  There were a few more of them so I'll have to go back another day.  Also some dolls house magazines, cross stitch patterns and magazines and other needlework magazines.  I might need a few visits!

I was enjoying myself so much I was late back to work!

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