Thursday, 26 May 2011


I thought Blogger had fixed the ‘comments’ problem but I can’t even comment on my own blog at the minute.  I just keep going round in circles so I’ve given up.

This week I’ve made a mistake – I miscalculated the days and thought I would be paid tomorrow.  Unfortunately payday is not till next Tuesday.  I’d worked out how much money I’d need till Friday then lent my remaining money out.  So now I’m skint!

I did a quick inventory of what food was in the fridge/freezer/cupboards/under the bed and devised a menu plan for the next few days to minimise spending.  Luckily I have chicken and stewing steak, sausages, rice, couscous, pasta and various sauces.  So this it for the next few days:

Tuna sandwiches followed by apple and blackberry crumble

Tomato pasta sauce with sausage

Beef casserole with dumplings and couscous

Chicken risotto

Beef and butterbean curry and rice

Just need to buy a couple of onions and we’re sorted.  Plenty of cereals for breakfast and soups for lunches.

I’m running out of dried food for the dog so I’ll bake him some snacks tomorrow night to tide him over.  Plenty of tinned and frozen homemade food for his evening meals.

Can’t believe I made such a stupid mistake though!

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