Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Dye Job

Finally got round to dyeing my hair today. 

On a budget I might be, but there are some things I can't do without and hairdye is one of them!  The grey hairs just get on my nerves.  I've given up dyeing my hair in the kitchen, ever since the time I dyed it red, splashed it all down the kitchen cupboards and had to repaint them!  Now I do it in the bathroom, like all sensible people, and, since the accident with the floor tiles, I also cover the floor now.

In the true spirit of frugalism, I washed the vinyl gloves that came with the pack and pegged them on the washing line to dry.  They're bound to come in useful for something.  So that makes me feel much better - I might have spent £6 on hair dye but at least I got a pair of rubber gloves for free.  Sometimes I think I'm mad!


  1. Nice work with the hair dye. I used to always get in a terrible mess when I dyed my hair, have given up now and am learning to 'love' the salt and pepper look I've got going on!

  2. Thanks. It can get rather messy and I have dyed my hair some strange colours over the years!

  3. No' you're not mad. My hair needs doing soon, trying to put it off as long as I can but I've noticed a few more grey hairs. Oh bother!