Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Front Jungle

I finally managed to do a job that's been irritating me for ages now - cutting down the elders that were growing in the front garden.  I still need to dig them out but at least it looks a bit tidier.  Because I live in the corner house of a square I have the tiniest triangle of garden and yet I still can't find the time or energy to keep it tidy!  So much to do....

The worst of the two elders.  I wish my blackcurrant and raspberries grew this quickly!

View from the front.  Shocking!  And just look at that dandelion in the path! This has definately shamed me into tidying it up!

From the corner of my eye I can spot that nosey beggar across the road watching me from his living room window, probably wondering why I'm taking photos of this mess!

Eventually I plan to plant some rhubarb in here.  I did put one in last year but I think I planted the crown too low and it didn't grow at all.

In the back garden the clematis along the side fence is threatening to take over the planet.  It does look lovely when it comes into flower but it's in need of some serious pruning.  It's enveloped a fir tree at the back and a hideous shrub, the name of which I've forgotten, at the front.  I don't like the fir tree either so they're both coming out eventually.  Ideally I'd like to take some cuttings and start again with this clematis.  We reckon it's about 20 - 30 years old and it's very bare and woody at the base.

Veg growing just doesn't seem to be happening this year.  I'm really struggling to find the time.  By the time I get in from work on an evening, have tea and clear away it's 8.30pm and I'm too tired to start working in the garden.  I will at least try and sow some salad leaves though - that doesn't take much effort and it saves a fortune.

Speaking of veg, this is what's left of the mountain of carrots I ordered from Asda 10 days ago.

 I pressed the button twice by mistake. Even once was a lot of carrots!  So far we've had them in casseroles, bolognaise sauce, chilli, soup, and steamed with some chicken and an omlette.  And the dog's had them too in his home made food - several times.  We're all sick of carrots and are liable to turn orange if these last much longer!  Carrot and coriander soup and carrot cake are next on the menu!

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