Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bargains at Morrisons

My kettle broke a couple of days ago so I've been boiling pans of water on the electric cooker for hot drinks and washing up.  Given the amount of tea and coffee thats drunk in this house, it's probably a bit too much wear and tear on the cooker to keep doing this.  Probably not cost effective either.

So, I decided to pop out to Morrisons this afternoon to buy a new one.  I only ever buy cheap kettles because I've tried more expensive ones and they haven't lasted me any longer.  The only other thing I needed to buy was a loaf of bread.  Had to check for reduced price bargains while I was there though, and it was a bumper day today.  I bought 2 kilos of jersey potatoes, 1.5 kilos new potatoes, romaine lettuce, 4 pears, 4 peaches, 12 malted grain buns, 6 macaroni cheese's and 2 big packets of wafer thin chicken (which Rusty will eat!), 3 packets of Quorn spicy 'beef' slices  All for £2.60! 

It's ages since I had some good bargains at the supermarket.  We used to score every week, but more and more people are wiseing up to this now.  Iain is no good at it, he hangs back politely, but I just dive in.  It makes me laugh sometimes though, when I see people fighting over the reduced price stuff and their trolleys are filled full of crap they don't need to buy.  I just want to say to them, if they didn't buy all those crisps, biscuits, fizzy pop and inflated price ready prepared stuff, they'd save far more money than they do by getting a few reduced price bargains!

I also called in at the library to see what craft books they had and I ended up with a beginners guide to patchwork and a book of quick crochet projects.  I've been fancying trying my hand at patchwork again.  I made a couple of cushion covers years ago, but it's one of those things that have gone by the wayside as time has become more scarce.

Rusty had a good day too.  I cooked him some dog food made with liver, which he loves, then he ate my son's pizza crusts out of the bin and half a slice of weetabix cake that Iain gave him, and finally, an indegestion tablet that Iain dropped on the floor!  I reckon he might be needing it after that lot!

Oh, and the kettle?  Well, I couldn't carry it home cos my bags were too heavy with the reduced price stuff!

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