Monday, 18 April 2011

"You'll end up looking like Andy Pipkin...."

Yesterday I decided to try something new - cutting my own hair.  I've always cut my own fringe, sometimes succesfully and other times...... well, at least it grows quick!  Anyway, I googled "cutting your own hair" and came across several sites, one of which suggested tieing it all up in a ponytail at the top of your head and cutting across it, ending up with layers.  Well, as my hair is long and layered I thought that might work and it sounded so simple (if a little mad).

So I did the ponytail - it needs to be right at the top of your head in line with your ears - and with scissors in hand, headed upstairs.  It was at this point that my boyfriend, Iain, started to panic.  "You're not really going to do that are you?  You'll end up looking like like Andy Pipkin (the character in Little Britain with the huge baldspot surrounded by straggly long hair)!!" 

But once I had it in my head I had to try it, even if just once, and I figured if I messed it up I could just tie it back and visit the hairdresser.  "Well just cut off a little bit.  Quarter of and inch maybe" said Iain.  I agreed, whilst mentalling debating whether to cut off 2 or 3 inches.

It was a lot harder than I thought!  Ever tried looking through a mirror to cut your hair?  The scissors kept going the wrong way as I tried to position them and when tied in a ponytail even my fine hair is quite thick to cut through.  The pontail wouldn't stay straight and kept curlling over to the left between my fingers so I had to do a lot of extra cutting on the left side to get it straight.  Quite a tussle.  But I did it and it worked.

Have had to resort to taking my own photo through the mirror as there's no-one else in to help!

And a close up of the same photo.

So, not a  fantastic cut, but good enough.  So that's another thing I can now do myself.  I reckon I can cut hairdresser visits down to one a year and manage the rest of the time by doing it myself.  Not an ideal solution though - I think finding a hairdresser I could barter with would be best.  Skill swapping.  Wonder if I can find a local hairdresser who'd like some knitted dishcloths.............?!!


  1. Your hair cut looks good. I paid £5 to get mine cut this week, because it needed tidying after my own attempts at hacking bits off.

  2. Thanks Ilona. I did chip into the sides a little bit as well. I checked our local college and they do haircuts for £5 so I'll be trying them out when my own efforts have messed it up too much!