Thursday, 14 April 2011

Quite a good day at work today.  Started off badly when I woke up and thought it was Friday, not Thursday! But good news from my Programme Manager - the late shifts are likely to be stopping shortly so that means I get my evenings back.  Also, more free leeks and rhubarb from our lovely Caretaker!  Still have some veg left in the fridge despite the soup on Tuesday, the sweet and sour veg on Wednesday and the beef stew tonight.  Serves me right for being lazy and ordering loads of veg from Asda to save the effort of carrying it home as when we need it.  Lesson learnt!  They won't go to waste though - the peppers will freeze once they're sliced and I'll use them in chilli or pasta sauce and I'll make a batch of soup for the freezer with the root veg. 

I was looking round the garden last night and it's lovely to see everything starting to come to life.  The blackcurrant bush I bought as a twig last year is coming along great, despite still being in a pot until I get the fruit garden sorted.  You can see the blossom starting so hopefully I'll have fruit this year. Likewise the raspberry - this has thrown up suckers so I have free plants to pot up.  Strawberries have also given me lots of free plants and the little alpine strawberries that I thought the winter had seen off are alive and bursting into growth. Herbs are also doing well, the mint is coming up again so lots of mint tea to look forward to later.  I'm hoping to get some photos up this weekend.  I'm not sure what I'll be sowing this year so maybe a little planning and organising to do at the weekend.

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