Tuesday, 26 April 2011


The TV programme 'Superscrimpers' has become 'must watch TV' in my house over the past few weeks.  Not because of the frugal tips and ideas but because I can't wait to see each week what the chosen family will be wasting their money on.  They are unbelievable!  How can you have an income of over £100,000 a year and be overspending every month!?  Or what about the couple who wanted to save to buy their own home but couldn't find the money - and yet the wife was spending about £300 a month on buying clothes on the internet and paying extortionate heating bills to save her the bother of putting a cardigan on!

How can these people not know what they're overspending on and what they can cut back on to save money?  It's just so obvious!

The woman who was on last week really puzzled me though.  How could she be paying credit card payments of £350 a month when she was only earning £8000 a year?  Maybe she could have given us all some tips as to how she kept her essential living expenses so low that she could afford her 'shopping hobby'!

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