Saturday, 9 April 2011

Maybe I Just Need A Bigger House

What a beautiful day.  I should have been making the most of the fine weather and done some work in the garden but I ended up sorting through my clothes to put away my winter stuff.  I'd bought a couple of those storage bags that you suck the air out of with the vacuum cleaner and I was impatient to try them out!  They worked quite well so I'll buy another couple for the winter bedding.

I need all the storage space I can get at the minute as one of my budgeting strategies this year is to stockpile food, toiletries etc when they're on special offer.  Now I'm running out of space to put the stuff!  I've been using a couple of internet sites that sell food on or past it's best before date - perfectly good to eat as we really only need to be concerned with "use before" dates.  My elderly neighbour took one parcel in and we had to empty it into bags in her hallway as the box was too heavy to lift.  Now she thinks I'm a strange woman with a cup-a-soup and couscous addiction.  Good job she didn't take in the parcel that arrived 2 days later with the 72 packets of Thai red curry sauce in it!

Hoping to put some photos up here soon as a blog without photos is a boring read I think.  Just having a slight technology problem at the minute.  I'm using the camera on my phone for the time being and it doesn't have a usb lead like my old one.  I think I need a card reader - I'll ask someone who's more savvy than me.

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