Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Work, Money and Leisure

A post by Meanqeen on her blog today set me off thinking about my philosophy as regards work and money.  The point of my downshifting is to weed out the unnecessary and spend more of my time and money doing what I enjoy. Too many of us spend all week doing a job we don't particularly like and yet waste the money we earn buying stuff we don't need.  If we think about it, buying all this stuff doesn't even make us happy - happiness can't be bought from the High Street or the supermarket.  And what about the effect all this buying and throwing away is having on the planet? 
Quite often we're having to spend money on ready made or prepared food, labour saving devices or certain services because we don't have time anymore to do it ourselves - we're too busy working.  You might love your job, but there's still no point  wasting hard earned money on stuff you don't need when you could be spending it on something worthwhile.

I already have a  list of stuff I no longer buy but I'll be looking more closely at my spending now and seeing what else I can eliminate or make for myself and enjoy doing it.  Not much point in growing your own food for instance if gardening bores you..  Might as well buy your veg and spend your valuable time doing something else.

It's not about depriving myself, it's about making the most of my time and money, not wasting either, and freeing up both for the things I want to do.

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