Saturday, 30 April 2011

Making Dog Food

I'm loving these 4 day weekends! Yesterday I had a lovely quiet day to myself, pottering around on the internet, reading, sewing, knitting and watching a couple of episodes of a new TV programme I found - "Make Do and Mend". It's on every afternoon, channel 4.
I also tried my hand at making my own dog food and dog biscuits.  I got the recipes from a blog I follow:  I used pigs liver in place of the mince in the original recipe as I thought it would be more nutritional, but it was soooo disgusting - slimy and stinky and I had to hold it in my hands to cut it up with the kitchen scissors.  Urgh!  And it kept slipping through my fingers! But the rest was easy - just chopping a few veg and weighing out barley, rice and pasta.

It doesn't look too tasty but Rusty, my dog, loved it.  He definately seemed to prefer it to the tinned stuff he normally has and the bonus for me was that it worked out cheaper - about £2 for 6 evening meals - and no heavy tins to carry from the shop. 

Here he is looking all contented, eating his hide chew.  I've only had him for a couple of years and I'm not sure how old he is.  All I said was "It might be nice to have a dog" and two days later my son brought him home as someone was sending him to the dog pound because they were fed up with him.  He's such a lovely dog although he can be a little insecure.  I'm told he started off life in one of the roughest streets in Newcastle and has been passed on twice since then so that could explain it. 

The dog biscuits were not such a success.

Rusty did eventually eat some this morning but not until he'd 'buried' them in several different places around the house!  I found one down the back of the sofa, two in my bed (!!), and another between the folds of the duvet he lies on in my bedroom! Maybe I'll have another think on them.

Tomorrow I'm hopefully off to the book fair at Tynemouth Station so will take a few photos to put up here.

Now I'm off to soak in the bath with my book.  A weekly treat!

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