Thursday, 21 April 2011

Don't bin it - curry it!

Well, it looks like the trip to the beach is off.  Whilst the rest of the country is sweltering, those of us living on the North East coast are basking in some serious sea fog!  It's been pretty damp and chilly out there.

Asda was heaving when I went to buy toilet rolls during my lunchbreak yesterday.  People are buying so much food!  Not to mention those whose trolleys were filled with several large packs of lager and bottles of coke.  Hopefully they were planning on having friends round and not drinking it all themselves! 

I haven't done a proper supermarket shop for a week or so as I'm trying to live off the food we have in rather than buy more. Yesterday I cobbled together a vegetable curry which everyone devoured (and one person went back and ate the leftovers which were meant to go in the freezer for another meal!)

I used a cauliflower bought for 35p at the end of the day, a courgette that had been in the bottom of the fridge for a while, a large onion and the solitary potato in the cupboard (that was sprouting better than the seed ones I'm chitting on the windowsill).  Half a 280g jar of madras curry paste (another internet bargain), big squirt of tomato puree and about 600ml chicken stock.  Bunged it all in the slow cooker and just left it to its own devices till we were ready to eat.  Thickened it up with a paste made of flour and water (I used to buy cornflour but when I ran out I found that any old flour does the trick).  Served with brown rice. 

Warning !  This was HOT!  A third of the jar of curry paste next time I think!

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