Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Ooooh, a 4 day weekend coming up!  I’m so looking forward to some extra time off.  I really need to do a tidy in the garden – grass cut and dandelions chopped at the very least.  Plenty of jobs to finish off in the house too.  But I’m not going to worry too much about that.  The sun will be shining (apparantly) so I’m hoping to make the most of it with some outdoor pursuits.

Having said that, there’s an antiques fair on Bank Holiday Monday that I’d like to go to.  I don’t always buy anything (it needs to be cheap and I have to love it!) but I enjoy having a look around, spotting stuff from my favourite eras and learning a little about them.  The stall holders are usually very friendly and you can learn a lot from them. 

Last time we went I bought these two lovely little Japanese netsuke for £1.50 each (haggling the stall holder down of course!).

So I’m hoping I’ll be able to add to my ‘collection’.  This is always a joke in our house as I’m told “two objects don’t make a collection”!  Anyway, I think they’re beautiful.  They were originally toggles securing little pouches and other objects which would hang from kimonos (as there were no pockets in kimonos of course!)

If the weather's really good I may have a trip to the beach.  If I go on Saturday then I can pop in the charity shops and yarn shop on the walk down - double the fun! 

This week all I've done is knit dishcloths whilst watching telly.  I've just been too tired for anything else when I get home from work.  So far I have 4 from the one ball of cotton and I'm on with a 5th.  I think that'll do, then I'll change over to knitting washcloths! 

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