Saturday, 18 June 2011

Twenty Wishes

My decision to spend this weekend catching up with the housework turned out to be a good one given the weather we've had today.  It's rained constanly and heavily so I havn't been outside at all.  Still, the gardens needed it - my weeds will be having a nice little spurt of growth now!  Have you noticed how, if you don't water your plants they die but the same never happens to the weeds?  Pity.

I'd decided to spend most of the day in my bedroom, mainly tidying up and sorting thing out as it's become very messy of late.  I still haven't finished as I need to sort out the underbed storage boxes (which are full of cheap stockpiled food) and a box full of books.  So thats tomorrows job.  I did change the bedding though, so I have lovely clean sheets to look forward to tonight.

I have to admit to lazing around a bit this morning though, finishing off the book I've been reading on the bus to work.

It was a bit of a predictable book but still very enjoyable.  A book about friendship and changing ones life - very uplifting, and the sort of book that makes you feel good.  I'm so soppy, I had tears in my eyes at the end, but they were happy tears.  It's about a group of 4 widows who decide to each write a list of 20 wishes - things they had always wanted to do but never got round to.  The story follows them as they set about trying to make some of the wishes come true, and in doing so, change their lives around.

I was really attracted to the idea of making a list of wishes - that's what made me pick the book - so I've been thinking about what I would put on a wish list.  I dont have 20 yet, but I do have a few.

My Wish List (in no particular order)
1.  Go round the fleamarket in Lille
2.  Visit an old friend who lives in Germany
3.  Have a short story published
4.  Learn tablet weaving
5.  Keep chickens
6.  Live in a period cottage in a beautiful village (I didn't say my wishes were all going to be attainable!)
7.  Have a get-together with some old friends I haven't seen in a while.  Make sure we keep in touch.
8.  See Aerosmith live

I'm going to make a folder for my list and compile pictures and information to spur me on - just like they did in the book!  I sound like a child of 10.

I confess, I love making lists.  I might compile some other lists - books I've always wanted to read,  places I'd like to visit.... I could even make a list of lists I need to make!  Okay, that was a step too far :o)


  1. Hi Denise! I have read a few Debbie Macomber books and I enjoyed them all, though I have not read this one. I love making lists too. Actually, your list looks alot like one I would make except I don't know anyone in Germany. I had tickets to an Aerosmith concert once, but the show was cancelled (sniff). Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks Amy. That was really bad luck about the Aerosmith concert - I'd have been crying about that! I've just started reading Debbie Macomber and find her books very heartwarming - they really lift my mood.