Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Keeping the toiletries budget down

When I got my shopping last week I decide to explore the 'basics' range a little further.  I already buy the fishfingers and teabags (I didn't expect to like them but now don't buy any other brands) as well as stuff like baked beans, tinned spaghetti, tinned tomatoes, pasta and other basics, but apart from soap and toothpaste, I'd not really tried much in the way of toiletries.  As this is one of the areas I'm looking at to reduce spending, I thought I'd give a few things a try.

This is what I bought

Baby Lotion
Bubble Bath
Nappy bags

The nappy bags aren't exactly in the 'toiletries' category for me as I wanted to use them as dog poo bags!  I have started following the advice of Ilona at    and use all the plastic bags I already have e.g. bread bags, cereal liners etc, but still I need to supplement these.  My dog can poo for England - I've never known a dog poo so much!  Anyway, these bags are thin (as expected) but no thinner than the packs dedicated to 'poo picking up' that I buy from the Pound Shop and at 9p for 100 I'll definately be buying them again.  You'll be pleased to hear that I'm not going to demonstrate their use with a photo!

The bubble bath I bought for use as hand wash.  For as long time now I've been refilling a pump bottle with economy shower gel and using that as handwash, but this is even cheaper at 18p for a litre bottle.  I can't comment yet as I haven't had a chance to try it.  I'm sure it won't be as moisturising as proper handwash, but hopefully it will be good enough.

I've tried the shampoo and it's adequate for my oily hair - I use some basics conditioner on the dry ends anyway - but if you had dry hair you'd need something more moisturising I think.  You need to use a little more, but it's still excellant value at  22p for a litre bottle.                   . 

The baby lotion was fantastic!  I can't believe the price  - 11p for 500ml.  This is now my body lotion and it's great for taking my makeup off as well.  Stings if you get it in your eyes though so not so good for removal of eye makeup.  I'm wondering how long it's been at this cheap price?  I might stockpile a few bottles just in case.  It also left my hands feeling soft, but I still prefer my aqueous cream as a hand lotion.

Finally, the razors.  I have to admit, these don't sit well with me.  There's no denying they're a cheap form of hair removal, but I can't think it's right to manufacture a product and throw it away after a few uses.  I'm going to have to do a rethink and find another method.  The blades for re-useable razors are so exspensive but maybe I can find a cheaper supply on the market and find out how to make them last longer.  Creams and wax are too much of a faff and I don't want an electric razor.  Yes, I know leaving the hair would be the cheapest option but I'm not ready for that yet!

So, a couple of good new buys and a couple of 'maybe's' to keep the budget down.  I'm currently looing at my toiletries and cleaning budgets to see if I can reduce them, so I'll be posting more on that later.


  1. Hello,

    Just thought I would leave a quick message and recommend an epilator! I was looking into ways of saving money on razor blades too (hate the smell of cream and waxing is not for me!) and settled for an epilator. It's basically a row of tweezers which pluck the hair out of the root. I bought mine for about £25, and you just plug it in at the mains. You can get chargeable ones too I think. I would definitely recommend it :-)

    ps. I don't work for an epilator company! All my friends are teasing me about the fact I am always going on about it!

  2. Thank Lucy, I didn't think about an epilator but it's a great idea. I only hope it doesn't hurt too much!