Monday, 6 June 2011

Patchwork obsession?

Posting from work today, so it'll just be a quick one.

First of all, hello to anyone who has just joined me.  I'm having problems with Blogger - it won't let me access my list of followers, so I don't know who you are!  Neither can I access the button to follow anyone else's blog.  No doubt it will right itself eventually and then I can get round to everyone.

I'm still feeling rough with this cold, which isn't normal, so I've booked a visit to the docs for Wednesday.  In the meantime I'm just trying to get plenty of sleep because I feel worn out.  I've never had a cold last this long before.

My eldest son called this morning and gave me a lift into work, so I took the opportunity to ask him for any old shirts he had.  His reply was,  "I haven't any I'm getting rid of.  I tend to wear them till they fall apart these days!"  Times are obviously hard!  I remember when he thought nothing of spending £70 on a shirt and he had to have new clothes every week.  Seems like he's wised up as he's gotten older.  He said he could spare one for me though when I told him about the quilt.

I must have patchwork fabric on the brain at the minute - I keep looking at people in the street and thinking "Ooh, that shirt/dress/whatever would look lovely in my quilt".  I even did it to a work colleague this afternoon!

The crochet granny squares are coming along well.  I might be ready to try doing multi-coloured ones now.  It's the thought of all those yarn ends to sew in that puts me off!

I still have another hour at work, then it's off home and a quick visit to the library before settling down for the evening.  Still not sorted the laptop - I'll be taking it back to the shop tomorrow.

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